SaaS Customer Onboarding Dashboard in Notion

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Do you have a growing customer base and are starting to lose track of all the customers you need to onboard? Are you and/or your team struggling to keep track of all your customer info and tasks? Is your customer information split between spreadsheets, emails and some note taking app? Do you lack visibility into key success metrics for this critical phase of the customer journey?

Then look no further as I have the solution for you!

The SaaS Customer Onboarding Dashboard is a customisable notion template that provides you with an aggregate view of all your Customer Onboarding projects in a standardised format, allowing you to keep track of overall progress and measure your/your teams’ efficiency. It also helps you distribute customers between the different team members that may be working on onboarding projects and quickly deep dive into projects that may be at risk.

With the SaaS Customer Onboarding Dashboard you'll be able to track key success metrics including time to launch (TTL), Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) launched and churn rate.

Whether you are a founder, a Customer Success Leader or a Customer Success Manager, this dashboard can help you streamline your onboarding workflows and free up your time to be more proactive with your customers and make informed decisions based on actual data.

What's included:

  • Customer Accounts, Contacts & Meetings and Team Members databases
  • KPIs broken down per segment including ARR, TTL and churn rates
  • Kanban with stages to visualise and manage your current customers in Onboarding
  • Onboarding Specialist Individual Dashboards to help your team manage their day to day
  • Customer Contacts & Meetings Tracker
  • Resources & Playbooks section for you to populate with your own resources

This dashboard is the result of my own experience and exposure to best practices over the last 5 years working with early stage tech startups and scaleups leading Customer Success teams. The dashboard is scalable and ready to grow with your business at only a very small fraction of the cost of any Customer Success or CRM software out there in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is this template for?

It's for anyone in need of a simple upvoting system in Notion (Notion workspace members & guests can vote).

  1. How do I get access to this template?

After you have completed your purchase, a link to the template will be shared with you. Then you just need to click on "Duplicate" at the top right hand corner of the page to save a copy of the template to your own Notion workspace.

  1. What is Notion?

Notion is a powerful all-in-one productivity and collaboration tool. For businesses and for individuals. Sign up here so you can duplicate this template and edit it in your workspace.

  1. Who are you?

I'm Carina, a Director of Customer Success at Navan and a Notion certified creator.

Follow me on Twitter and Youtube for customer success, productivity & Notion insights 🙌

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SaaS Customer Onboarding Dashboard in Notion

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